5 annoying things businesses do on WhatApp

In a bid to maximise their contacts and make as much as they can from them, businesses on WhatsApp just do some things which instead of bringing more sales, instead just annoy their prospective customers.
With the WhatsApp Business app now available to all, businesses are now even more encouraged to be on WhatsApp, so there is a huge likelihood of these annoying acts increasing.
These are some of the things that a lot of businesses on WhatsApp often do but need to stop if they want to maximise the platform to the utmost.
1. Posting too many pictures on their WhatsApp status
This trend is really common with small businesses with a lot of products to sell.
They think by uploading a ton of photos and videos of products each time, it increases the chances of potential clients making orders.
But contrary to what they believe, less actually is more.
The interest of the potential customer reduces with every picture he sees from the same account.
Especially when they are all trying to get him to make a purchase.
If you doubt this, check the number of people who viewed your first photos and compare with the number of people who viewed the last photo you uploaded.
5 photos at a time are just fine but anything above 7 just seems spammy.

2. Sending unsolicited WhatsApp messages, especially with pictures
Small business owners usually think they can make more sales by sending broadcasts and pictures of new products to their contacts.
Though this could work sometimes, it is however more annoying most of the times.
As users do not like their phone memory space getting occupied by pictures of products they are not interested in.

3. Adding users to groups without taking permission first
WhatsApp group chats are annoying enough.
Businesses often add customers or prospects to their WhatsApp Group without taking permission and just for the purpose of promoting to them, products and services.
This is however just an easy way for the business to get blocked their contacts altogether.
Some businesses even go ahead to add users who never even gave them their numbers in the first place.
This is however not possible with the new WhatsApp Business app.

4. Trying to get customers to pay you without a proper payment gateway
A lot of small businesses on WhatsApp do not have websites or proper payment gateways like Paystack or Paypal.
So, they ask customers to pay into their business or even personal bank accounts before performing the service or sending the product.
This is just an easy way for businesses to increase their bounce rate.
As, a lot of prospective customers are not confident to enough to send money to a small business without a proper website, structure or something as many people have been defrauded like that.

5. Not replying to WhatsApp messages on time, especially when they have read it
This trait is very common with big brands.
Some big companies put out WhatsApp numbers in the hope of using them as another customer service channel.
But, they then probably receive more messages than they can handle. So, they often fail to reply to most of them.
However, if the WhatsApp chatbots dream comes to reality in the nearest future, this trend might soon become a thing of the past.

6. Posting the same photos on your status over and over
This is just an easy way for businesses to get a user to start ignoring their WhatsApp status updates.
Since the users already know the business always repeats pictures, they would rather just skip as the contact is usually looking for fresh content.
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