9 uncommon ways to leverage social media for your business in 2018 (3)

As new trends keep springing up all across the social media platforms, businesses and brands keep coming up with new ways to leverage these trends to stay on top of the conversations.
These are some of the methods that are not yet so common around here that brands are using to maximise social media for their businesses.

7. Partnerships and co-marketing
A lot of big brands around have been using this method lately to tap into each other’s audiences.
This is simply a collaboration between two brands that provide different or even similar products or services to promote each other.
Diamond Bank did this recently with some brands like Cafe Neo, Hard Rock Cafe, Visa card and some other brands.

Some brands do Instagram or Snapchat takes overs.
This when the one brand posts all its contents on another brand’s Instagram or Snapchat page for a day.
It would be promoted for days before the day of the takeover, encouraging fans of the brand taking over the other brand’s page to follow the brand’s page that is being "taken over" to view the posts that day.
If planned and executed well, you could use this method to really tap into the audience of the partner brand and vice versa and get a lot of value from it.

8. Video Content
A lot of people would rather watch a video than read a long blogpost on your website or on social media.
Instead of just putting up posts with pictures and text alone, you could always find a way to repurpose all that content for video.
Your step-by-step guide blogpost on how to sell a car in less than an hour on your website could always be made into a video on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.
You don’t necessarily have to be in front of the camera and record.
You could either go on Fiverr to get different people to convert the post into a video script, do the voice over and animate it for you or hire a professional digital agency to get this done for you.
If you are not posting video content now, you are definitely leaving a lot of money on the table as videos get a lot of engagement online (sometimes way more than text).
You expose yourself to a whole new sales funnel the moment you start consistently posting video content.

9. Live Videos
Though recorded videos are also really good as stated previously, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram these days are favouring live videos over previously recorded ones.
One way for you to get brand your brand out there quickly is to start doing live videos.
It could be a webinar, tutorial session on how to use your product, an event your brand is involved with, a keynote address at your office etc.

Putting out live videos would be very beneficial to your brand at this time.
One other benefit of live videos is that they are usually left online at least for some time (except you delete after).
So, users who missed it when you were streaming can go back and watch it almost as though they streamed it live.
However, the thrill of live video is the fact that it is only really live for a short time.
So, users would want to watch it and not miss that opportunity to interact with you directly while it is still on.
What other new but really nice ways have you seen businesses use to promote their brands on social media? Let’s continue the conversation in the comments section.

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