Creating content specifically for Twitter (1)
Twitter is totally different from Facebook, Instagram or any other social network and so your content on the platform should be specifically created to maximise the social network’s difference.

There are about 500 million Tweets sent each day (6,000 Tweets every second) and 81% of Twitter users are millennials.
However, the audience on the social network is evenly split between men and women.
The contents on Twitter are mainly text-based and the demographic is mainly urban users.
Memes work very well on the platform and it is a great place to jump on trends.
But most of the posts that go viral here are often ones that are newsworthy or related to something that is.
For example, a billionaire in Nigeria recently made a claim that the source of her wealth was received by faith.
Then not long after, another Nigerian celebrity put out a tweet saying that most wealthy people in Nigeria got their wealth by luck and one cannot teach luck.

Though the celebrity’s tweet was profound and he did not tag anyone or mention the statement made by the billionaire.
It was relating to something that was newsworthy, so it went viral.
Something similar happened when Obama put out a tweet about racism with a picture of black and white kids.
The tweet was actually a quote from late South African president Nelson Mandela but it was posted after the far-right rally and attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia, US.

Though it was an old quote from the legend, Nelson Mandela, one of the reasons it went viral was because it tapped into a then-recent event that was newsworthy.
To command authority and be known for something on Twitter, you should be tweeting posts like the latest developments in your industry and nuggets relating to your niche regularly.
Though the platform recently increased the number of characters a tweet from 140 to 280, the social network still rewards brevity.

After you have been posting content regularly for a while, you should go to the analytics and note out the tweets that have been gaining a lot of engagement like retweets, likes and comments.
Take note of the keywords you used, the kind of emotions you generated with them etc.
Then you want to create more posts like that since from the insights, you can see those are the kind of contents your audience likes seeing.
Do this more often and you are sure to see more growth in your following and engagement rate.

Your Twitter profile needs to be optimised
This is like your landing page on the social network and the first thing people see when they visit your page.
So, it has to be optimised to welcome prospective clients and customers.
You should probably have your brand logo on the display picture and a beautiful image telling a story about your brand as the cover image.
Do not just put the name of your brand or something not really attractive on it.
Even if you are promoting a campaign or something, it should be, for the most part, pictures and mininmal text there.

Your Twitter bio
Also, see your bio as your mini elevator pitch.
It has to be interesting to read, a bit of entertaining but still giving as much information about your brand as would encourage a prospective follower to want to click the follow button.
It should also be optimised with the main keywords you want to be found for online.
So when someone types in the search bar on Twitter something like, "makeup brands in Ghana", your Twitter page should be among the ones that pop up.
What African brands do you know that have a really good and well optimised Twitter page? You can share in the comments section.

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