How to out-market your big-budget competitors online (2)
Many of these small businesses are greatly taking advantage of the online space to out-market big-budget competition.

Small businesses, on realizing they cannot compete with big budget companies, are now turning to the internet to help them conquer, at least in that realm.
Though it seems like an uphill task for some, many of these small businesses are greatly taking advantage of the online space to out-market big-budget competition and strategically position themselves at the top of the pack.
Here are some of the tactics they are using.

5. Consistency
Top brands among other things are highly consistent in churning out of quality content on their social media and other online assets.
They do it with the same voice and tone (depending on the audience they are trying to target).
Many of these big-budget companies however do not have the budget or manpower to do this, while some do not just want to shift too far away from their main focus.
So they outsource to agencies like ours to help them maintain the needed consistency in the production of good content.

6. Be on all channels
You need to adapt your online strategy to adapt to all the main social media outlets (depending on what your strategy is).
Though you should avoid at all cost, the practice of uploading the exactly the same contents on all platforms.
The different platforms have their own native languages. So, if you want to rank among the big budgets online, you have to speak in the language of each of the networks.
You probably do not have the budget to place display ads and billboards all over the internet and the city.
So, you have to find a smarter way to be all in your audience’s faces.
So, through Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Snapchat, your brand app and every other available channel, be active across the board.

7. Post a lot more content
Though it seems just natural that you play the numbers game and post a lot more than your competitors so as to keep your brand top-of-mind amidst your target audience and increase the chances of your contents getting shared.
There is, however, a thin line between posting too much content (so much that it tends to lose its value) and posting too little content (that it now becomes insufficient to make the real kind of impact you need).
This is why you have to study your target audience, the channels you will the employing and the results you have been getting.
This would help plan your online marketing strategy to help capture your target, rather than having it work against you.
…To be continued

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