How to out-market your big-budget competitors online (3)
The online space has become more than just just another place to share information but is now slowly becoming the driving force of business and commerce in a lot of industries.

But unlike the offline space, it is easier to out-market your competitors online irrespective of their budgets just by knowing the right things to do.

Make use research tools
Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Almighty Press, Buzzsumo, Fanpage Karma and a host of other tools are all at your service.
They are used to measure interaction and results on websites and other online assets.
They could be used you know and monitor the terms and subjects that are gaining a lot of traffic and attention in your industry.
Those are some of the tools we often use for our clients whenever we are analysing of how their brands are performing in the online space in relation to competition.

Make sure you are appealing to millennials
Whatever you do on the internet, except you are a senior citizens club, make sure your online strategy is appealing to the millennial generation.
As they are not only the largest demographic in the country’s online space, they are predicted to constitute 75% of the total population by 2020.
Even if you are loosing to the big budgets with your online game right now, put a lot of your investments into gaining top-of-mind awareness among millennials.
It would surely pay off in the long run.

Build a street team
This is a group of people who make efforts to control the narrative about your product or brand on the internet.
They are on social media, forums and blogs that talk about your brand.
They comment on blogposts, social media posts and everywhere your brand is being mentioned.
In our agency for example, whenever we put out a piece of content (no matter what form) concerning a brand, we deploy a street team to crawl the internet, monitoring the conversations around it.
They not only help increase the reach through shares, reposts, retweets etc.
They also help to control the conversation just so it is not hijacked and turned against the brand.
Have you ever used a street team to monitor your campaign online? How many people did you have on the team?

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