Instagram rolls out ‘Support Small Business’ Sticker: Here’s How to Use It
Instagram’s new sticker gives users the chance to help support small businesses on the platform.

As small businesses are facing challenges during the Coronavirus pandemic, Facebook-owned photo and video sharing platform, Instagram has rolled out a new sticker for Instagram stories called ‘Support Small Business’.

The aim of this sticker is to help small businesses, which are struggling during this tough time, to increase visibility and business reach on social media. This also comes at a time when more people are shopping online rather than visiting physical stores.

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This isn’t the first sticker launched by Instagram to help small businesses. Ever since COVID-19 took hold globally, Instagram has been focused on providing tools and features to support small businesses. In April, they also launched food delivery, donations & gift card stickers.

Here’s everything you need to know about Instagram’s Support Small Business Sticker for Instagram Stories

With the new sticker, people can mention the small businesses they love directly in the sticker to give their followers a preview of the businesses they support.

How to use Instagram ‘Support Small Business’ sticker.

STEP 1 – Open the Instagram app, click open the stories option and upload a picture.

STEP 2 – Click on the sticker option and choose the “Support Small Business” sticker

STEP 3 – Tag the Instagram account of the business you are supporting.

STEP 4 – Once done, upload your story and it will be added to shared Instagram stories. The business you tagged can also reshare to their own stories.

We believe this is a great way to help businesses reach new customers and stay connected to their existing customers. Not only does this get more people visiting more Instagram profiles, but it also provides added incentive for businesses to be more active on Instagram.

If you’re interested in checking out all of the tools, features, and resources that Instagram has launched to help small businesses during COVID-19, you can check out their directory here.


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