Should you be posting the same contents on all social networks?

There are so many social media networks online these days and it
sounds really intuitive to join as many of them possible.
It also seems just easy and okay to create one piece of content each time and use a tool like HootSuite to blast it all across the social platforms.
However, nothing could be much farther from the truth.
Consider your target audience
Though it is really important for you to be present on different social networks to increase your reach, this is a function of your geographical location, your target audience, the demography you are trying to reach and everything in between.
So, you have to pick the social networks you would be active on
based on where you are and the audience you are trying to target.
You cannot be looking for signups from 16-year-olds on LinkedIn. That is not where they are.

Aside from deciding the right platform for your brand to be putting out content, you have to carefully select the kind of content you would be posting on each of the social media networks.
Though you might have to repost the content you post on one platform on another social network, you would have to remake and re-purpose it for the other platform(s).
This is very important as the kind of audience you have on each platform might be slightly different from each other.
The time people engage on other platforms might be different, the picture and video dimensions might also be different etc.

Each social media platform has its own native language
The kind of content and the way people communicate with the different social media networks vary.
The same post that went viral on Twitter might just struggle to get a few shares on LinkedIn.
So, if you would rather take the pain to create content for each platform differently, your reach, engagement and ultimately, conversion rate would be much higher.
Have you ever switched from creating the same content and blasting across social networks to creating or repurposing content specifically for each platform? Was there any difference in the results?

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